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Our visitors have very much enjoyed their time at Emerald Inn on Takapuna Beach and here are some of the comments from our Guest Book and messages they have sent us:

"Had a lovely stay - thank you. My favourite little place on the North Shore."

Lightly, February 2017

"Always terrific to stay here - many thanks."

Claudia & Rod, Wellington, February 2017

"We very much enjoyed our stay - an oasis of an Inn. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming."

Stephen & Sandra, England, February 2017

"Beautiful little haven. So calm, stylish, restful and friendly. I shall return. Thank you."

Farida, UK, February 2017

"Wonderful place to stay - we have been staying here for 20 years! Thank you!"

Robin & Francie, Texas, January 2017

"What a beautiful boutique hotel. Loved it! Takapuna Beach great too!"

Bob & Joanne, Canada, January 2017


Phyllis, March 2016

"Fantastic stay in Emerald Cottage. Lovely views and relaxing walks on the beach."

Jon, Sheffield, March 2016

"Lovely motel. Five star. Small, quiet and nice grounds."

Dan & Sharon, Canada, December 2015

"Another superb time here! Thank you Janice & Trigger for making us so welcome."

Penny & Gary, May 2013

"Been coming for 20 years, still love it. Like coming home."

Graham, April 2013

"Always a fantastic stay at Emerald. Will be back."

Keith & Patricia, April 2013

"Great place to stay. Will be back. Many thanks."

Buckley, January 2013

"A jewel in the crown of Takapuna. Absolutely great relaxing spot and the hosts weren't too bad either."

Tom, January 2013

 Good apartments and clean. Well done!

Jae, September 2012

 Had a lovely stay. Breakfast each day was beautiful. Receptionists were so friendly. Thank you for the hospitality.

Jefferies, June 2012

 Fantastic team. Very clean room which was well maintained the entire week. Loved the breakfast.

Aleeshia, June 2012

 Thank you for a delightful stay! Very comfortable and charming accommodations!!

Sean, June 2012

 Thank you for your hospitality and a great welcome to Auckland.

Carlos, June 2012

 Thank you for looking after the group so well – we’ll be back.

Kevin, June 2012

 Thank you for the hospitality and the awesome welcome and stay in Auckland.

Ryan, June 2012

 Thank you so much for your hospitality. Hope to come again!

Phillip, June 2012

 You guys are the nicest people I’ve ever met. Thank you so much!

Doug, June 2012

 I adore your beachside accommodations. It was the perfect stay in Auckland, NZ.

Kirsten, June 2012

 “I am sad to leave you, but I know I will meet you very soon again. I think about you both and the great time I’ve spent here”

Pauline, 26/10/11

Thank you so much, we had a great time and thanks to every employee we met at Emerald Inn.”

Nicolas, 26/10/11

“Thank you. Fantastic two months in the Villa. Felt like home.”

Arnaud, 26/10/11

"It was a dream!!"

Stephane, 26/10/11

"I have new grandparents!! Merci for all your kindness. I will miss you!"

Bixente, 26/10/11
"Thank you all for all that you made for us!"

Anne, 26/10/11
"I will miss my Takapuna home so much!"

JC, 26/10/11
"I am very sad to leave you! It was really a great moment with you! Take care."

Mallory, 26/10/11

"Thank you all very much"

Sylvain, 26/10/11

"We spend an amazing time in the Emerald Inn!! Thanks for all your help Janice and Terry. See you soon I hope!"

Julien, 26/10/11

"Thanks for your warm welcome and I wish you a lot of happiness in your lovely hotel."

JB, 25/10/11

"It was a real pleasure to be 19,000 miles away from Paris and to feel like home. Thanks to Terry for his awesome cooking, to Janice for her kindness and helpfulness"

Sylvain, 25/10/11
"Thank you for your reception, so warm, forever in my memory."

Benji, 25/10/11

"Thanks for everything. Nice place to be!"

Judith, 24/10/11

"You did so much for the success of this French “mission.” We will never be thankful enough for your kindness, patience…we were home although on the other side of the world!!"

Francois – Xavier, 24/10/11
"What an adventure! This trip was great and the way you received us was part of it. Thank you for your kindness, your professionalism also but it’s more hospitality and your kindness. Big hugs to everyone, Janice, Terry, the girls at the desk, the ladies who cleaned our rooms!!!! Merci Beaucoup."

Didier, 24/10/11

"Terry, Janice and the all the team from the Emerald Inn, thank you again for all what you did for us….The French Mission is now over but will stay in our memories for a long time. Thank you again!"

Julien, 24/10/11
"You’re like a parent for us, so I would like to say just a big THANK YOU!!! And if I come back another time to your wonderful country, be sure I will come see you. Thank you to all your team too, everybody was grateful!!!"

Vincent, 24/10/11

"Thanks a lot for your kindness, you know… for everything!! Merci, Merci Beaucoup Terry and Janice."

Pierre, 24/10/11

"I must say I have no words to describe how amazing my stay here was! So so amazing. Thank you all so much and I will make sure I come back!!!!"

Tom, 24/10/11

"The most wonderful hosts you could ask for – Janice & Terry welcomed France with loving open arms – you LEGENDS!! Thank you all so much for all your kindness and love."

Laura, 24/10/11

"Nice meetings, nice people, Janice, Terry thanks for everything your perfect mood in every situation."

Yann, 24/10/11

"Great memories. I felt like I was at home but I have to go back to France. Janice and Terry, thank you a lot!"

Julien, 24/10/11

"Janice & Terry, thank you so much for your welcoming! We had such great times here with you both. Take care."

Florien, 24/10/11

"Fantastic place and staff. I had super weekends for semi & final  - magnificent!"

Milligan, 24/10/11

"Best stay I’ve ever had. Very pleasant. Thanks!"

Franck, 24/10/11

"Thanks for everything. All the best."

Richard, 10/10/11

"Thank you, your hotel is beautiful!"

Christian, 10/10/11
"Beautiful place for a good …. Thanks."

Jean-Michel, 09/10/11

"Was a perfect place to be! So many kind people. Thanks!"

Isabelle, 26/09/2011

"Beautiful little haven. So calm, stylish, restful and friendly. I shall return. Thank you."
 - Farida, February 2017

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